How do you paint a bathroom like a professional, Common Challenges of Painting Bathrooms

How do you paint a bathroom like a professional, Common Challenges of Painting Bathrooms
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Though typically smaller than a living room or kitchen, bathrooms can be one of the most challenging rooms to paint in a house. There are several important factors to consider when painting a bathroom and many things that can go wrong during the process. Understanding the common challenges of painting bathrooms will enable you to determine if you can tackle the job yourself, or if you should hire a professional. At Dunbar Painting, we provide complete interior painting solutions for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Our skilled painters will work with you to understand your needs and provide a top-quality solution for your home.

Painting a Bathroom: Challenges and Considerations

Bathrooms can pose many painting challenges that may not be evident at first glance. Common bathroom painting challenges include:


When it comes to painting bathrooms, many surfaces need to be masked prior to starting the job to protect them from splatter. These surfaces include countertops, tubs, showers, toilets, floors, and cabinets. In some cases, it may take more time to properly mask vulnerable surfaces than it does to paint the room.

Latent Moisture and Humidity

Bathrooms have extremely high humidity and moisture content compared to the rest of your home. If a shower has been used recently before painting, applying paint can release latent moisture. This can create flashing and lead to extended periods between coats. The paint used for bathrooms must also be exceptionally durable to withstand high humidity and to seal wood that may be exposed to moisture. This paint must also be applied properly, so it is highly recommended to contact a professional to ensure that the job goes smoothly.

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A common challenge that is often overlooked when painting bathrooms is the fact that most walls will need to be degreased before painting. Hair products, deodorants, and air fresheners can get into the steam from showers and attach to walls. This creates a slippery layer that leads to uneven strokes and flaws in the paint job. Areas around the shower, behind the toilet, and walls by the sink commonly need the most degreasing. That said, every wall in the bathroom should be degreased and dried before applying paint.

Inadequate Bathroom Fans

If your bathroom is equipped with an old or low-power fan, it may not be able to effectively remove the moisture in the air. In cases like this, it is important to ensure that enough time has passed between showering and starting to paint. More time will also need to pass between applying each coat to ensure even and full coverage.

How to prepare the bathroom for the painters

In my opinion, we need to inform the customer that the bathroom must be clean before painting it. Its also very helpful when customers unplug everything from outlets so we don’t have to guess what can be unplugged or not.

To help the painters make your bathroom look great, please help with the following:

  • Clean the toilet so that painters can work around and behind it.
  • If you noticed any signs of mildew or water damage in the bathtub area, let the painter know so that they can treat it before painting.
  • Remove towels from the towel bars. We need to paint around towel bar and sometimes we mask it to protect it from paint splatter.
  • Clear the floor and give it a quick sweep. The painter needs to cover it with drop cloths and bring in a ladder, paint tray and other tools and equipment.
  • Clear your counters and remove any personal items before we arrive. Place everything in an empty box and store it outside the bathroom.

Spending a few minutes to clean the bathroom makes a world of difference to the painters. Painting a bathroom is a relatively small job and gets finished in one day. Bathroom paints these days dry fast, and your bathroom is ready to use when you come home from work.

How to prep the surface before painting

When painting bathrooms, extra care in surface preparation is also warranted.

Before repainting a bathroom, make sure the walls are clean. This is key for proper paint adhesion and to prevent future peeling problems or unsightly surfactants from leaching/streaking through.

Surfactant leaching is a term used when a concentration of water-soluble paint ingredients called “surfactants” are noticed on the surface of a latex paint film. Surfactant leaching is most commonly seen as a streak or stain of tan, brown, or clear spots that sometimes can be glossy, soapy, oily or even sticky. Surfactants are soap-like materials that help in the dispersion of the paint’s pigment and latex binders.

Duration Home with Moisture Resistant Technology has excellent resistance to surfactant leaching when applied on new or existing substrates. However, surfactants can remain on existing painted surfaces if not removed prior to coating. Existing painted surfaces must be thoroughly washed clean and allowed to dry prior to applying any finish.

A good cleaner degreaser/emulsifying cleaner (dish soap) is a good bet to get rid of accumulated soap scum and other contaminants. Remove mold and mildew and don’t forget to clean the exhaust fan.

Effectively dealing with these challenges can be difficult. To ensure that these challenges are properly solved.

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