How Much It Cost to Develop Sports Betting App Like William Hill

How Much It Cost to Develop Sports Betting App Like William Hill
September 27, 2021 1 Comment Sports DC Kumawat

Betting apps have long been a tradition in the world of sports gambling. In your childhood, did you wager candy on which team would win, BarcelonaManchester? Sports betting has been around since the dawn of time. The only thing that changed with time was how it transformed. It is almost a given that it is the most popular source of income. With the advent of mobile apps, this mechanism had undergone a secular shift. Due to the widespread use of these apps, betting apps cannot be left behind, although the concept is not new either.

With the advent of mobile sports betting apps, companies like William Hill and Bet365 have accumulated an immense reputation around the globe. It may vary between apps depending on architecture, features, and methods of betting, but the apps should be able to meet the needs of their users. Taking this conversation to the next level, we will be discussing a betting app that will allow users to place wagers on different sports. All users have the option of betting on a particular sport. There will be live matches as well as scores and predictions on the screen.

In other words, if you are considering creating a betting app, you’ll find here all the basic features you’ll find in similar apps. With the post, all the right technologies and cost standards are presented.

Betting on sports in the United States

Any state that wishes can legalize sports betting following New Jersey’s groundbreaking Supreme Court victory in May 2018. Using a ranking that measures how likely it is for each jurisdiction to offer full-scale legal sports betting, we compared all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

Different countrie’s legal systems

Sports betting has been embraced by many countries, yet its regulation varies greatly from country to country. Additionally, a number of locations can offer online sports betting to locals and tourists alike thanks to legal online sportsbooks. There are a number of countries with liberal sports betting regulations that rank near the top of the list. It is also possible to bet on only specific sports in certain countries. Betting on soccer is prohibited in Argentina, for example, while horse racing is allowed in the Philippines. In contrast, Australia has some of the most lenient gambling laws in the world. In 2017, the UK wagered over $13.9 billion on sports and Australians won over $1.06 billion from betting. Before the recent expansion of sports betting worldwide, the UK wagered over $13.9 billion on sports in 2017. One can see that some countries bet a lot of money on sports, as there were a few billion dollars bet on the NFL alone in New Jersey. Russian, Brazilian, Singaporean, and other countries still prohibit betting and gambling.

Features of a William Hill-type sports betting app

In some countries, such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, and France, sports betting has flourished under a lenient regulatory environment in recent years.

Getting started with an application

In order to use your application, the user must complete your app onboarding process, which involves registering and logging in. The process needs to be seamless so that your application doesn’t cause users any problems while they’re using it. Make it easy for them to change their passwords by providing the “Forget Password” option at the login screen itself.

  • Sport and Player A-List
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Users should be able to see a list of sports and players on which they can wager after logging into their William Hill betting app. Adding more and more users to this list is an excellent way to increase application usage. There are numerous sports that you can include, such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, Horse Racing, Rugby, etc. Additionally, you should list the history and performance records of all the players in a particular game.

  • The latest scores

The feature is without a doubt one of the best ways to make your sports betting app a success. Providing your users with real-time data will help them analyze the game and make predictions accordingly. For your William Hill app to incorporate this feature, you simply need to integrate an API. We at Hackernoon prefer to integrate the Rundown API from Rakuten into online sports betting apps.

  • Choosing a betting guide

Your app does not have to be used only by those who are experts in online sports betting. In your app, you must integrate betting guides to help people who don’t understand how betting works and the process of using your app. Users must be able to use these guides for things like placing bets on teams or players, getting paid, and more.

  • Information about players

Apps such as the William Hill sports betting app must also have this feature. For users to place the right bets and win money, your app must provide every detail about each player and team playing a particular game (such as strengths, weaknesses, and their history of winning or losing).

  • Favorite of the crowd

The feature shows users which team has a chance of winning and which players are likely to score more points. These features are often depicted by a negative sign in sports betting apps. This app, which shows a negative sign on the name of a player or team, signifies that they are not favored by the crowd.

  • Selection of betting models

It is important that you ask your user for his preferred betting model before he places a bet on your sports betting application. In general, a user can choose from three kinds of models to determine whether to place a bet:

Straight: A user who places a straight bet is betting on just one player or team to win the bet.

Parlay: This betting model requires users to win multiple bets in order to receive a payout. Models of this type are the hardest to win.

Teasers: This model corresponds to parlays. Users win points for winning bets based on this model, however.

In that case, let users select their preferred betting model before placing a wager. You should also make sure that your app clearly explains this entire process to new users by providing in-app guides or tutorials when they register in the app or upon requesting the app.

  • Selecting a Betting Type
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In sports betting apps, users must select the betting type after selecting the betting model. Spread betting, Moneyline betting, and total bets are the three basic types of bets. Using which type of wager an app user wants to place completely depends on them.

  • Page Results

Users will need to be able to see the final results of bets they made in this section when a game or an event ends. It should contain all information about a new poll created by an admin and about bets that are due.

  • Paying instantly

Are you looking for extra sweetness and usability for your app? Don’t forget to integrate payment functionality into it. Using this app, users can quickly and easily make bets by adding a credit card. This feature can be implemented by your sports betting app developer by integrating a payment system like Stripe or Skrill into your app.

  • Email-Notifications

Users and app admins both benefit from this feature in sports betting apps. Additionally, users will spend more time in your app if it increases app engagement.

5 advanced features to include in your betting application

  • Streaming live

Having an app to place bets on your favorite player or sport should not just keep users hooked to the platform, but also keep them informed of when and where wagers will be placed. Integrating live streaming is the perfect way to accomplish the same goal. As players move in real-time, the user experience of the app is improved more significantly.

  • Multilingual support

The ability to support multiple languages can bring in clients from all over the world. Users will feel more connected to the app when they view it in their native language. Making bets is also easier when the app is translated into their native language.

  • Betting tips

Providing bettors with tips and tricks on how to place their bets would be a great addition to your app. Having a professional better on your app isn’t necessary. Therefore, you can include this feature in your application. Once you build a good user base, you can use the feature to monetize your application.

  • Taking a quick bet

Users will have the option to place bets instantly, before any changes to the scorecard have been made. The feature can also boost engagement in-app and is very exciting to many users.

  • Updates on audio

Users will be more likely to pay attention to your app if you provide audio updates about scores and other things in the app. Sports betting app users are usually busy, so checking the live scores on their phones is impossible. Use headphones or Bluetooth to listen to the whole thing.

Tech Stack Used By Sports Betting App Developers

A sports betting app’s tech stack depends entirely on the features you need. You must either use Kotlin or Java if you want to create a native gambling application for Android. As a replacement for React Native, you can use Flutter for creating cross-platform mobile apps.

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In order to make an educated decision about the best technology stack for your sports betting app, you should consult your sports betting app developers first. For your information, the following technologies have been selected for the background of these apps:

Technologies Features
ESPN live matches
APNS delivering push notifications
Kotlin and Swift programming the Android and iOS apps
AWS and Google AWS and Google
Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo SMS, Voice and Phone Verification
GWT Powerful Programming
Datastax Data Management
Mail Chimp Integration, Mandrill everything related to emails
Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS Universal Operating System
MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress Database
Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM Realtime Analytics

How much it costs and how many people it takes to develop sports betting apps like William Hill

It is imperative that you evaluate and conclude on the app’s functionality, design, and services before deciding on these aspects. Keeping your funds and personal information secure is an aspect that cannot be compromised.

Your app will cost more the more complex it is. Additionally, your app’s developers should be located in your area. A US or European application developer usually charges $50-$80 per hour.

Asian Developers will charge you $25-$30 per hour if you hire them. The process of making an app involves more than just app development. A project management fee will also be charged for UI/UX designs and testing of your app.

In order to create an app that includes both Android and iOS features that we have mentioned above, you will need the following workforce:

  • Project manager: 1
  • Backend developers: 1–2
  • iOS developers: 2
  • Android developers: 2
  • UI/UX designer: 1
  • QA specialists: 1–2

There are different costs associated with creating a sports betting app depending on certain aspects, such as complexity, features, and timeline, which are evaluated by the sports betting app developers and designers.


The sports betting solutions we offer at HACKERNOON are as up-to-date as the market. The betting solutions embedded in our white-label sports betting software can be customized for any leagues around the world. Our goal is to help you succeed by bringing cutting-edge technology to the table, complemented by years of sports experience. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors with our work ethos and offerings such as real-time odds, speed of implementation, and scalable platform. Whatever sports app development you need – from football betting apps to all-in-one sports apps. We provide turn-key Sports betting app development services on a one-stop basis. We are dedicated to developing high quality apps for sports betting, and we offer our clients specialized software development approaches to build products that surpass their expectations.

Then look no further if you are looking for an app development solution that is affordable and meets your qualitative and financial needs. If you are interested in collaborating, please feel free to contact us.

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