Is paintball playable for children?

Is paintball playable for children?
March 5, 2022 No Comments Sports Albert Bradley

Paintball offers everything a kid might want. It’s entertaining, dirty, and provides kids an excuse to go outside!

Is it, however, safe to play paintball?

The fact is, paintball, without a doubt, is among the safest activities on the planet. In fact, your child is less likely to be hurt when playing paintball than while participating in an outdoor activity like soccer or skateboarding.

And as far as I am concerned, just 0.2 individuals per 100,000 who play paintball get hurt. That’s only about a quarter of a person! Aside from the humor… When you think that just one person in a half-million is critically injured while playing paintball, it’s definitely one of the safest activities available.

So, if you want to understand more about paintball safety, keep reading.

Is Paintball a Safe Sport for Kids?

Paintball is not only safe for late kids, but there is a low-impact paintball variant that is particularly created for smaller children. Low-impact paintball guns employ a significantly smaller 50-caliber paintball compared to standard paintball guns that use 68-caliber paintballs.

You may expect roughly 68% less force when utilizing a considerably smaller-sized paintball than you would with a conventional 68 caliber-sized paintball. Paintball may be played by children with the age of 9 years old (the age limit varies depending on the paintball field). The normal age limit is between 10 and 12 years old.

I don’t mean that standard 68 calibre paintballs are inherently harmful. Low-impact paintball is designed for young players who are interested in giving paintball a try for the first time. Once they see there is no need to be scared of, many kids prefer to transition to traditional paintball.

Safety Guidelines for Paintball

Mask always Oon – During a game, never remove (or pull up) your paintball mask. This is the most critical paintball safety guideline because it protects your eyes from being damaged or blinded.

Don’t remove your barrel cover when Off The Field —This is to avoid unintentional shooting.

Raise Your Hand and Say “HIT” When You’re Eliminated – When you’re eliminated from the game, raise your hand and yell “HIT” to let everyone know. If you don’t do either, you could get a bonus ball.

Don’t let your kids climb or jump onto anything – Players must not leap or climb over any of the field’s items. This might result in harm.

Maximum speed rate of 300 FPS- no exceed speeds are allowed.

No Bling Firing – Players must always keep their eyes on the target when shooting.

The second most crucial rule in paintball is to always paying attention to the referee.

Never shoot anybody in a 15-foot range — Most paintball playgrounds have a regulation prohibiting you from shooting anyone within 15 feet of you. Instead, the player who yells surrender first is also the person who knocks out the other.

In our website, we also have a page about the limit age for children to play paintball, I think it’s a must see if you decide to giving your kids a new hobby in this sport.

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Does paintball really harm to children?

Getting struck with a paintball, whether it’s a 50 or a 68 calibre, is gonna hurt. Low-impact paintballs with a caliber of 50 are reported to have 68 percent less force than conventional 68 caliber paintballs.

Now, I’m not sure how genuine that assertion is, but the 50 caliber paintball markers have a far lesser effect than 68 caliber paintball guns. Paintballs with a caliber of 43 have much less impact than paintballs with a caliber of 50, although they’re usually exclusively used for lawn plinking.

So, how painful are 68 caliber paintballs in general?

If you’ve ever been blasted by an elastic band, you can probably picture what it’s like to get struck by a paintball. While this may sting for a brief moment, the discomfort will go rapidly, leaving only a little bruise or welt.

If you have a huge bruise or welt, you were most likely shot by some players who set their paintball marker’s velocity dialed up too high. Most paintball grounds allow a maximum velocity of 280-300 FPS. Some players, however, do not follow the regulations and sneakily make their paintball guns set to 300+ FPS.

Most paintball facilities, fortunately, will disqualify stubborn players who persist to “shot hot” after being advised to lower their paintball gun’s velocity. If they’re feeling kind, some paintball sites may issue you a second warning, but that’s all. You’re out after three strikes!

Moreover, most paintball venues will also prevent anybody from firing other participants within a 15 feet radius of themselves to ensure that players don’t fire at other teams from close distance. The first person to shout “SURRENDER” is the player who are allowed to keep playing. The other player has been eliminated and must leave the field (unless there’s a fix in gaming rules).

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