Top 10 UK Footwear Brands in 2021

Top 10 UK Footwear Brands in 2021
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The fashion industry is one of the most prominent industries in the world and it including multiple categories including apparel, cosmetics, footwear, etc. The footwear industry is itself quite huge and comprises hundreds of the world’s famous brands. Most of these brands are of European descent and a few are from the UK too.

Top 10 UK footwear brands in 2021

Today we are going to few such top 10 UK footwear brands in 2021 and I am sure you are going to find it worthy. These UK footwear brands offer products for almost everybody, from men, women, and children. These iconic brands represent the rich Victorian culture and employ thousands of people all over this blue planet.

Let’s begin the list:

1.Cody & Co

Starting this list with one of the most famous UK footwear brands and the name is Cody & Co. This brand offers the best quality shoes and other footwear items for men. Their deconstructed and progressive designs will make you exclaim wow. The best thing about this UK brand is that it uses high quality and authentic material to make shoes and that’s why people love to invest in Cody and Co’s products.

2.Crown Northampton

Handmade shoes boast the best craftsmanship, design, and durability, and all you can get by buying footwear from Crown Northampton. This British brand is offering its services since 1908 and with time they have marked their presence all over the world.

A huge production line has settled up in the UK to fulfill the global demand. Their shoes and boots are world-renowned for their great design and comfort. All these had happened due to the big team of skilled craftsmen and the utilization of locally available fine leather and other raw materials.

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3.Billy Tannery

The leather used for making shoes and boots is mostly are of cattle but Bill Tannery does something exceptional and makes their footwear using goat leather. Due to this, the textures of their shoes are exceptionally different and look exclusively unique. They get the goat leather from the food industry of the UK and create fabulous footwear from scrap.

4.New Balance

If you are looking only for sneakers and trainers then, no place is better than New Balance for you to shop quality sneakers. The brand was founded in 1982 and in just a few years it has made its stubborn presence in the market due to its great quality products.

You can shop a huge variety of trainers for men, women, and kids from New Balance and you would definitely love using its products. This UK brand works with a motto of serving the athletes by proving them best quality sneakers and trainers.

5.Crockett and Jones

One of the oldest brands of the English territory and still in the business, Crockett, and Jones make the list complete of top footwear brands. Even in its 5th generation of service, this British brand is offering the best possible quality of footwear.

This UK brand manufactures footwear with their same old motto of giving attention to their product’s detail, durability, comfort, and quality. These elements are the hallmark of this brand and they did not compromise with it even a little bit.

6.Dr. Martens

Founded in 1960, this UK brand is popularly known for its unique and original crafting techniques. Dr. Martens offers the best quality handcrafted pieces of products that are manufactured in their Wollaston factory. With its team of experienced and skilled cobblers, Dr. Martens had kept alive the tradition of handmade footwear and that makes a lot of difference.

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When it comes to the most famous footwear brands, Church always makes its place on the list. The history of this brand can be traced to the 16th century but officially it was established in 1873. Church still manufactures their shoes at their old and iconic Northampton factory.

Northampton is the center of shoemaking in England and many top brands operate from the same place. The church is also one of them and was one of the first brands to come with handmade footwear. The Church shoes are beyond aesthetic and timeless and when it comes to quality there is no match.

8.Celtic & Co

Celtic and Co is one of the biggest fashion brands in the UK and offers a huge range of fashion products including apparel, footwear, luggage, homecare, and many more. When it comes to footwear, this UK brand is the right place to shop for some pairs of great quality shoes and other footwear. Celtic and Co is famously known for its knitted mules and they are for men, women, and kids.


The brand is dedicated to women and provides high-quality footwear. It is famous for its hallmark design footwear having a feathery texture. Deeasjer also offers a great range of exclusive and VIP products on special requirements and orders. Their luxury handmade shoes are made to match every woman’s personality and you will also love to carry Deeasjer footwear.

10.Edward Green

Most of the UK’s footwear brands offer handmade products and Edward Green is no exception. According to sources this brand has a team of 60 skilled craftsmen and manufactures near to 350 pairs of handmade shoes. With this little amount of production still, they have demand in the UK and overseas and that had happened just because of the quality it offers.

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They have their base in the same Northampton where several other footwear brands operate. This century-old brand is still ruling the footwear market and had stores in many European countries including Paris. The handmade shoes are just beyond awesome and do not lose their charm over years of use.

Bottom Line for footwear brands:

Footwear is a necessary part of our life and you must go with the best quality ones every time. If you shop only from your favorite brands, then it’s time to try some other brands too. When it comes to footwear brands the names are many and nearly can’t be listed at once.

Only a few of those brands are considered good and I have included some of them in this list. This footwear can be bought and delivered next to your doorsteps easily from all of the brands featured here and I am sure you would love to own their shoes and other footwear items.

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