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Tag: blogger

What is a blogger- Definition of Terms Blog, Blogging, and Blogger
October 1, 2022 Information Technology Rachel Denial

Blogger is a term with two meanings can refer to a blogging platform with that name or to a person who writes on a blog. Blogger.com is an online blog creation service created by Pyra Labs in 1998 and acquired by Google in 2003. It arose to respond to the need of many users to publish content on

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How to start a blog
September 30, 2022 Blogs Rachel Denial

When it comes to starting a blog, there are a few reasons it can be a valuable tool for your brand or business. Firstly, blogs are a great way to communicate with your audience (and potential customers) while offering them valuable content that can help them learn more about your area of expertise. Whether it’s

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Best Software Review Blog and Website in 2021
March 3, 2021 Blogs, Business, Information Technology, Other, Technology Priya Saha

Making a decision on software purchase may be confusing until you go through tons of honest opinions, reviews, comparisons, and testing results. There are numerous blogs and websites that test, review, and put forward their honest opinion on different software products. How do we know if they are putting their honest reviews? There are certain

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Guide on How to Start a Tech Blogging
March 2, 2021 Blogs, Business, Information Technology, International, Other, Technology Priya Saha

Technical blogging is a perfect way to share your experience while creating an audience that is potentially useful. It will allow you to log tasks, or provide other web users with guidance. You may also monetize your posts, or sell your services using your blog. While even the best tech blogs have the same general features as

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Things to Be Taken Care of After Writing Your New Blog Post
February 13, 2021 Education, Information Technology, Jobs & Education, Other Priya Saha

Writing for a blog is the key with regards to keeping a web-based media commitment standard and substance showcasing using website development Dubai. A well-curated substance can go about as a spine for everything your business gives to the clients. It can even go about as a settling up part by improving your web index rankings,

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Top 100 Art Blogs & Websites To Follow in 2021
December 7, 2020 Art, Blogs, City, Information Technology, International Andrea Micheal

 hours. Colossal https://www.thisiscolossal.com/An international online platform for contemporary art and visual expression. The art included explores a range of creative disciplines, featuring art, design, craft, and photography. Interviews with artists also present. 1RANK853MENTIONS BOOOOOOOM https://www.booooooom.com/A site founded by a Vancouver-based artist that is a voice in the contemporary art scene. The site highlights emerging talents

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The only guide you need on how to start a blog
November 6, 2020 Blogs, Business, City, Education, Hobbies & Leisure, Life, Other, Social Media, Technology, Trends Priya Saha

If you are passionate about writing, then there is no better way than blogging to transform your passion into a rewarding career. With the help of engaging blog content, you can build your personal brand and earn a living through a freelance business. Setting up a blog does not take much of your time.  If

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