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Tag: health

Yoga’s positive effects on physical health
July 17, 2022 Health, International, Medical, Other thomsjoshi26

Today marks the beginning of Yoga Month, a full month dedicated to local communities appreciating, practicing, and studying yoga. Whether you regularly practice yoga but have just recently experienced your most memorable yoga session, you’ve probably seen a few benefits, such as a more relaxed outlook, better sleep, or an increase in energy. Cenforce 100

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What should we do if we are consuming Tramadol from a long time
July 17, 2022 Health, Medical Zia

What should we do if we are consuming Tramadol from a long time? If you have been consuming Tramadol for a long time, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and side effects associated with this medication. Tramadol can be habit-forming, and long-term use can lead to dependence and tolerance. If you experience

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Telehealth Features that Improve the Patient Experience
June 3, 2022 Health, Medical Sierra Powell

Today’s society is heavily influenced by technology. We can access many of the products or services we need online instead of having to pick them up from a physical location. The healthcare industry has been incorporating more technology into the way specialists and physicians interact with patients, and telemedicine is a prime example of this.

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Mental disorders in kids – A matter to worry
February 1, 2022 Health Divya khanna

Mental disorders in children cause significant changes in the way children typically learn, behave, or handle their emotions, causing distress and difficulties getting through the day. Kids are the future of a nation, in the coming era we have high expectations from kids that sometimes may lead them to grow more and better or sometimes

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Does Xanax help in alleviating sleep?
December 17, 2021 Health, Medical tony

It is a very common observation when we do fall asleep even after lying for so many hours in the brain. However, the reasons are unknown for this. At some points, you might be not able to properly diagnose the proper cause. It might be because of the stress, anxiety, and tensions that keep on

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How can TURF improve your WELLBEING?
December 2, 2021 Health tony

How can TURF improve your WELLBEING?  We all know how good it feels to walk barefoot on soft grass, but are you aware of the potential health benefits this can bring? Considered of high importance in aiding good health, the simple act of putting your hands or bare feet on the ground, or sitting or

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5 unique and effective qualifying conditions for medical marijuana
May 21, 2021 Health mymarijuana123

People suffering from certain medical conditions can avail of medical marijuana for the same. There are different laws in every state for medical marijuana dictating its use. Many states have also given legal status to medical marijuana while others still pass laws to give it legal status. Medical marijuana has got the approval of the

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Ways to Help Prevent Coronavirus. Adding These 6 Immunity-Booster Foods to Your Diet
October 23, 2020 Food, Health Lucas Cappel

Description: The recent pandemic has taught us a harsh lesson on the importance of a good immune system. Lack of any preventive vaccines and effective medicines has left us at the mercy of our general health. There is a severe panic surrounding COVID and its effects. It is mainly because we can finally see the

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