Reasons a WhatsApp or Facebook bot is necessary for Real Estate Marketing

Reasons a WhatsApp or Facebook bot is necessary for Real Estate Marketing
January 29, 2021 No Comments Technology Pranay Rathod

As a real estate marketer in the highly competitive real estate market; you must’ve often contemplated how to generate leads for your latest project through non-conventional methods, how to increase the number of website visitors to known users, and how to develop new and optimized communication channels with your customers. 

There is a common challenge involved in all these tasks – it is to create effective conversational strategies with your potential customer. Your current marketing channels, such as cold calls, emails, and SMS campaigns, are already in place; however, these channels’ response is unsatisfactory. So how can you attend to every single query? How do you look for a solution that ensures higher customer engagement and piques their curiosity? How do you facilitate an effective two-way communication channel? 

Automated conversational chatbots

The latest addition to real estate marketing tactics is automated conversational chatbots that can be a single solution to all your challenges. 

In a generation where many of us start our buying journey online, it is a must for you to have an online marketing tool that enhances user engagement. Chatbot technology surrounds us today. With features like providing automated interactive responses that support quick replies, round the clock support, and providing on-point information that the visitor is looking for, chatbots are essentially the next big thing in marketing. Initiating a personalized conversation with every individual visitor seemed humanely impossible until the introduction of chatbots. As a real estate marketer, you need to know that the real estate industry is profiting the most from this communication tool. The core value of chatbots comes from their potential to facilitate conversations with your potential customer, and they do so in a fun and compelling way that engages them. 

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With the proliferation of instant messaging as a communication tool, organizations are making the most of chatbots. They can also be seamlessly integrated into already existing messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. If you think chatbots are a new phenomenon in the realm of automated conversations on Facebook and WhatsApp, think again. According to Facebook, 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses monthly, and over 40 million active companies already use Facebook Messenger to communicate with their customers. Chatbots also have the highest adaptability in the real estate industry (28%) as compared to other sectors like travel (16%), education (14%), healthcare (10%), and finance (5%). 

So how exactly do you solve your current challenges with chatbots? Let’s have a detailed look as to why WhatsApp Bots and Facebook Messenger bots are a must for Real-estate marketing:

Convert your visitor to a user: With intense competition prevailing in the real estate industry, it suffices to say that generating a lead is the most pivotal step. This is why when a customer is looking for a property but doesn’t know where to start, you can advertise and converse with them on a platform, they are already familiar with and use regularly. Since messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook have a wide reach, you even save customers the hassle of visiting your company’s website. Through Ad clicks, QR codes, and pop-ups, it is relatively easy to integrate your chatbots on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and make the first contact accessible. 

Lead Nurturing by providing project-related information: Conversations on WhatsApp and Messenger bots make it possible to create a personalized conversation thread. Hence, once the lead is generated, bots on these platforms can be used to further provide them with all the essential information they are looking for, such as the type of property, floor plan, locality, cost, and amenities. These conversations can determine their intent and display their desired property for them to browse. These bots also solve common queries of the customer and only leaves the complicated ones for human representatives. 

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Chatbots encourage action

Making Leads sales-ready by scheduling a visit:Chatbots encourage action by allowing visitors to book appointments for visiting the property. They can also collect necessary lead details such as name, number, and email address through their interaction. Once the visit is scheduled, your bot ensures follow-up through automated messages on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Get crucial real estate market information: Messenger bots

and WhatsApp Chatbots don’t just converse. They also collect data and keep track of every need and input of the consumers, such as what location is the most popular, what kind of properties the customer is looking for, and what is their average spending ability in a particular demographic. In the long run, this information can be used to strategically position your company in the market. 

Connect with your customer: Just like every industry, real-estate marketing is also driven by constructive customer service. WhatsApp bots and Messenger bots allow communication between the buyer and seller to be more comfortable, informal, and informative. Buying a property is a momentous decision for a customer. They prefer this medium because there are no additional hindrances or any overwhelming information that the customer isn’t interested in. They find what they are looking for, ultimately leading to a fruitful relationship between the two entities. 

Chatbots are changing the game when it comes to buyer-seller interaction. From a technical standpoint, these bots are relatively easier to use than other software. With messaging apps being all the rage in our times, businesses have used this as an opportunity to converse with buyers, and the real estate industry is no exception. The art of business communication is changing. Customers want responses regardless of whether they are people or bots. Chatbots have allowed companies to integrate into channels that suit the comfort of the buyer. Instead of turning a blind eye, why not, as a marketeer, make the best use of this massive presence? All you just need to do is find your potential customers and seize your opportunity with a simple ‘hi’.

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