Harnessing The Power of AI-Enabled Networks to Drive Productivity Efficiencies in Businesses

Harnessing The Power of AI-Enabled Networks to Drive Productivity Efficiencies in Businesses
August 5, 2022 2 Comments Technology Dhaval Rathod

Nowadays, the transformation in business networks is driving changes in business IT infrastructure and making enterprises more intelligent & digital. Indeed, the journey from on-premises data centers to distributed infrastructure while ensuring absolute optimization is quite challenging. However, the blessing of technologies like AI and ML has made it possible to drive cutting-edge innovation with precise automation of processes and unleash the power of IT for organizations.

Harnessing AI in the business IT architecture is the best way to enhance overall organizational efficiency, and it is certain to believe its impact on our routine life in upcoming years. The presence of AI is making business leaders skeptical about it, like “how will it transform the business operations and bring employee productivity?”.

Artificial Intelligence is used to develop smart learning systems modeled on neural networks that make it think like the human brain proactively learning new abilities and behaviors from data as it analyzes them over time.

Before knowing how AI will drive business productivity efficiency, let’s first understand the current network challenges.

What Are the Current Network Challenges?

End-to-end IoT connected devices, automated data flows, customer experience, and firewalls are the elements to drive digital transformation for any enterprise. However, implementing cutting-edge software-driven solutions creates challenges for existing networks to manage the growing complexity between these elements.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a bizarre amount of growth in the remote working and distributed workloads, and because of that, networks should span their capabilities to accomplish emerging business demands. This change is not only difficult for human operators but also for machines or networks to set business networks to deliver business value with full potential.

Creating Business Values with AI-Driven Networks:

AI-driven autonomous networks enable organizations to scale their capabilities and operational agility at full pace through intelligent software methods. This smart approach ensures that network architecture is enabled with autonomous processes, like system configuration, management, and monitoring, rather than with manual interventions. These AI-enabled networks can drive meaningful insights smoothly from an enormous amount of data arriving from multiple sources.

These intelligent networks can provide a “self-healing” and “intuitive customer experience” even in this transforming digital landscape.

Autonomous networks help organizations achieve data-driven systems that can optimize use-cases, like Intelligent Network capacity strategies, network performance management, nexus event processing, error management, and bottleneck prevention. These intelligent networks help organizations enhance productivity efficiencies by saving additional time spent on unnecessary workloads and driving true cost-effectiveness. It is true, that as companies thrive to pursue unprecedented growth, challenges to maintaining operational efficiencies will become more critical for organizations over time.

As a greater number of user devices are connected to networks, companies need to be agile and expand their network bandwidth and processing speed for optimal resource utilization. Organizations also need to develop abilities to forecast and prepare for managing diverse traffic blueprints, emerging use-case developments, and continuous monitoring and improvements. Practically, it means enhanced user request response time, better acclimation, and agility in transformations to cutting-edge systems built on IoT and 5G networks.

Be Prepared for the Smart Future:

As technological transformation takes place in the form of autonomous, smart, remote, and distributed operations, it is more critical for enterprises to adopt it. By seeing the changes in technology and market competition, various industries, including healthcare, finance, logistics, manufacturing, and many have started to adopt and leverage the AI and ML-enabled network operational capabilities across their working landscapes. The only reason to build an “autonomous enterprise” for businesses is to leverage the full potential of intelligent automation across processes.

Deploying autonomous networks and cognitive engines into the organizational infrastructure is the first step to growing the business landscape as innovative and intelligent. With the ability to drive better business outcomes, organizations can implement additional technological tools to achieve better operational efficiency. Business employees with these capabilities can focus on their innovation, and core operation, make them intuitive for their users and improve their customer relations.

If your organization can leverage emerging technologies in their working environments, it is essential to make strategies and utilize them more efficiently without thinking a lot and lead this paradigm shift into their newest possibilities.

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