Interesting Big Data case studies in Telecommunication

Interesting Big Data case studies in Telecommunication
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Telecom companies are sitting on a gold mine, as they have plenty of data. But what they require is a proper digging and analysis of both structured and unstructured data to get deeper insights into customer behaviour, their service usage patterns, preferences, and interests real-time. Here is where Big Data comes in. In this post, we present a list of 11 interesting Big Data case studies in Telecom.

Big Data case studies in Telecom

1. Mobile Telecom Harnesses Big Data with Combined Actuate and Hadoop Solution
The ability to report directly from Hadoop is the most important thing we have achieved to date and our activities are continually evolving. Actuate has made what appeared to be a large-scale and difficult problem an easy one to solve.

2. Re-engineering a Telecom Market Share Analytical Application
IBM has helped a leading telecom industry data analytics provider re-engineer their market measurement product. The effort included re-engineering of data integration processes, workflow automation, developing new custom user interfaces and building a set of IBM Cognos reports. The result was a new product that delivered high quality deliverables to our customer’s clients while simultaneously reducing the volume of support needed by 55%. 

3. Telco Case Study: Vodafone and Argyle Data on using big data to combat fraud
Using big data to prevent impacts from fraud has been part of the focus in a case study discussed by Vodafone and Argyle Data in this video from the recent Telecom Council Carrier Connections event in Silicon Valley. 

4. Globe Telecom: Gaining marketing agility with smart promotions
Globe Telecom, based in the Philippines, needed a better way to attract and retain value-conscious mobile customers. The company teamed with IBM and Nokia to deploy an SOA-based service creation and delivery platform that helps to rapidly create targeted customer promotions. 

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5. Ufone Uses Advanced Analytics to Study and Capitalize on Customer Behavior
In the past, marketing often meant fliers jamming mailboxes, unwanted phone calls during dinner and show-stopping television commercials. Unfortunately, these campaigns were targeted in a scattershot approach, at best. If a company could get just a few people to respond from 10,000 contacts, the initiative was considered a success.

6. Benefiting from big data: A new approach for the telecom industry
How much can companies in the telecommunications industry benefit from “big data”? That’s a critical question. Every operator is searching for new ways to increase revenues and profits during a time of stagnant growth in the industry, but few have demonstrated the capabilities needed to make the most of this new technology.

7. It’s not just Big Data… It’s Gigantic Data: A Telecom Case Study
A global mobile communications service provider wanted to understand customer location and travel patterns to support realtime promotions, advertising and up-sell of services. In addition, they desired additional, textured information to improve the quality of their network operations and provide enhanced customer service for their most important customers.

8. Analytics: Real-world use of big data in telecommunications
Big data has the potential to place communications services providers (CSPs) in a prime position to win the battle for customers and create new revenue streams. It provides them with a wealth of information about their customers’ behaviors, preferences and movements. Yet, many CSPs still struggle to fully derive the greatest value big data. 

9. Using Big Data to Put a Big Hurt on Communications Fraud
With the proliferation of smart devices and growing use of IP networks, the communications industry is experiencing a resurgence of communications fraud. The fact that attacks can come from any source at any moment, from anywhere on the planet, means that communications fraud is now a troublesome Big Data problem.

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10. Real-time customer insight and foresight with analytics: Making the right call
This is a case study on how Deloitte helped a large wireless telecommunications company implement platforms to collect, store, and analyze data from across millions of customers and billions of transactions to achieve real-time marketing effectiveness.

11. MTS India relies on HP Vertica in a highly competitive telecom market
The telco industry in India is strictly regulated; between 2010 and 2013, the Indian Supreme Court mandated a series of nationwide auctions for frequency bands along the mobile phone spectrum. As a result, MTS experienced a reduced business footprint, from 15 to 9 circles (state-centered geographies). This mandate reduced its client base from 15 million to 10.5 million subscribers at the beginning of 2014.


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