Level Up Your Website Design With These 13 Amazing Icon Packs

Level Up Your Website Design With These 13 Amazing Icon Packs
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The User Interface (UI) of any website is the primary concern for developers as it leverages website bounce rate and traffic conversion. Thus, improving the readability of UI is essential, and for that, you’ll need an appropriate set of website icons. These icons even give your website a personal touch and help to build a unique brand image.

But finding and choosing the right icon is quite time-consuming. To help you a bit, here are top 20 icon packs that can take your design to the next level.

1.    Ultimate

The ultimate icon is a style of line vector icons, having proportional shapes and consistent dimensions. Any web design company in India prefers this icon pack for creating a perfect visual appearance, without losing any image quality. The large pack of Ultimate icons embraces a myriad of categories such as 3D printing, animal icons, agriculture icons, art tools icons, etc. They are available in SVG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats.

2.    Dusk

Dusk is a website icon pack comprising of 80 modern icons in multiple distinct formats. It is an exclusive freebie from the Icons8 that comes in a unique style with soft colors and effervescent touch.  Typically, they are available for both personal and commercial use at free of cost. The formats included are PDF, EPS, SVG in two different dimensions (50px and 100px), and optimized PNG (50px).

3.    Stockholm

Stockholm is a popular and widely-used icon set, consisting of 640 high-quality vector duotone icons. It is perfect for websites, Android, iOS, and Graphic Design. Thus pack is also compatible with Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD. Stockholm icons come in four different color presets (black, white, blue, and red & blue) for sketch users.

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4.    Black Circled Social Media

Black Circled Social Media icon pack is a collection of 90 amazing icons. Each of them has pixel-perfect precision and is easy to customize, edit, and update. The Black Circled Social Media icons are 100% vector, and fully compatible with Adobe Suite. The color palette is also customizable so you can make lots of different variations from the original icons.

5.    Money and Finances

Money and Finances icon pack is a huge collection of 140 purposeful icons for any project related to insurance, finance, and accounting. Inside this pack, you can find different versions of icons including colourful, black and white, green, and others. The big set is available in three discrete formats – PNG, AI, and SVG.

6.    Cooking

Cooking icon pack is dedicated for websites related to cafes, restaurants, bars, online food delivery sites, etc. It includes a total of 55 hand-drawn icons related to food and cooking. These lovely little illustrations will help you create fun designs, and they are free for both personal and commercial purpose. The icons are basically available in three different styles namely outline, outline white, and outline sticker. You can find them in AI, PNG, EPS, PDF, and SVG formats.

7.    Nucleus

Nucleus is a website icon pack that is born in the technology and consulting environment. It seeks to answer the visual questions for communicating professionalism, precision, and technological advancement for the digital brands, professional service and software providers. The pack is best used for light illustrative context, such as flat design landing pages.

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8.    The Ultimate Astrology

The Ultimate Astrology icon pack is a collection of beautifully illustrated horoscope sign icons along with their matching symbols/glyphs, planet glyphs, four elements, zodiac constellations, aspects, asteroids, and premade wheels. These icons are perfect for websites, greeting cards, social media posts, flyers, banners, etc. related to astrology.

9.    Robots

‘Robots’ is a thematic collection of free vector icons, which are linear and colourful. There are 20 variants of the same, mainly used by the designers for Google Play Store or iOS App Store mobile applications. Some web designers even use these icons while designing websites related to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. You can download the archive with graphics for commercial and personal use.

10.       Blog Icons

Blog Icons is an icon pack that includes line icons of home office equipment and decor (potted plants), writing tools (pen, pencil, fountain pen, and highlighter), electronics (laptop, Apple iMac, hard drive, wireless keyboard, and iPhone), a shop, online graphics (YouTube frame, social counter, messaging icon), social media icons, camera equipment, podcast mic, and blogging/vlogging equipment. It’s perfect for logos, website symbols, apps, social media icons, and Infographics.

11.       Mini Web App

Mini Web App is a website icon pack that contains all sorts of icons useful for eCommerce platforms to music-streaming sites. These icons come in a variety of styles and you are allowed to change and personalize them to better fit your designs. This icon pack is a favourite of any web design company in Kolkata and elsewhere as they fit perfectly in maximum website UI design projects.

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12.       Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons is a pack that includes 103 hand-drawn icons. And each icon is saved separately in SVG, EPS, and PNG format. If you want to design for social media, this pack is sure to have great use in your toolbox.

13.       Business Line

Business Line is a unique collection of ’80 Business Themed Vector Line Icons’ suitable for web, print, symbols, Infographics, and apps. This set includes icons for business, commerce, retail, finance, banking, and many more. All icons are vector so you can expand them to any size you like. Besides, you can also edit the color and size easily.

Using the right icons is the easiest way to level up your design and even bring it to the next level. Icons help designers to add their personal touch and personality to their designs. These 13 icon packs is intended to help you find the right ones quickly for your designs.

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