Top Software Design Principles to Follow in 2021

Top Software Design Principles to Follow in 2021
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What hides behind the design principle in software engineering?

Design differs from art in one central point: it has to have a purpose. This function is implemented visually by ensuring that an image has a central focus point or the main focus.

Trends appear every month in all areas of activity. In the period of digitalization, the field of programming is changing at an extremely fast pace.

Each year presents new gifts to developers. The last time has been the years of rapid growth for software companies around the world. What are the software interface design principles? This topic is always situated near the mobile and web app development services. You can find good software design principles here.

Top Software Product Design Principles at LITSLINK

Perhaps a really well-known company from the USA. The company has already helped a huge number of clients to implement the most ambitious projects.

Building a complete product can seem like a resource-intensive business, especially if you’re running a startup and you need to get your product to market as quickly as possible. The company offers the use of MVP.

  • Effectiveness: achieving the goal. One of the most important software UI design principles. Optimizing efficiency deserves special attention. The user should be able to complete the task in a minimum amount of time. At the same time, the application takes a minimum of time to react and take action. Thus, this principle applies to the speed of the user and the system. Signs that a user is not working efficiently include, for example, interface widgets that are not being used properly for their intended purpose, missing defaults, incorrect search results, and high-resolution images that require a fast Internet connection. Signs of poor system performance, however, are delayed response to input such as jerky mouse pointers, slow interface widgets, and lack of feedback.
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The first and therefore most important rule is compliance with efficiency. The application must enable the user to work efficiently by providing the appropriate functionality to accomplish his task. The user is not burdened with information and functions that are not needed by his application. Accordingly, dialogs should only contain relevant or more frequently requested information. Any additional information distracts the user from important content, and there is a risk of reducing the relative visibility.

Therefore, it is necessary to answer the main question: what is the actual task that should be supported? A thorough analysis of work processes and their understanding is the key to understanding the tasks and goals of users and the ability to assess the effectiveness of their implementation.

Principles at Intercom for Designers

  • Controllability: the user has power! The user controls all actions taking into account his authorization in the system. He can cancel, pause, and resume later. He has the ability to undo the action and, if necessary, start a new attempt if the result was not satisfactory. The user still has the option to use alternative input devices such as a keyboard, screen reader, and braille display to control the application, according to their personal requirements.

The programming world is filled with standards, policies, rules, and procedures that are constantly being updated and complicated. All this makes it difficult to implement new solutions for both companies and developers. Low-code development solves this problem: there is no complex code in it. Even if the client does not understand programming, he will be able to understand and customize his project on his own.

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Low code development is a great solution for developing enterprise software. However, even in 2021, low-code development will only be useful in standard business situations.

InVision Design Principles

By connecting to Dropbox or the in-house InVision Sync Tool, files can be easily synchronized. The sync tool creates the projects on the home computer and all designs are always kept in sync.

  • Consistency: everything fits together. The operation of the application should meet the user’s expectations in all aspects and comply with general conventions (platforms, style guides, etc.). This is facilitated by consistent use of terms, icons, and layouts throughout the application and across product families. Process structures also follow the same principle. By maintaining consistency, the user can reuse a pattern of behavior that was once learned. For example, the user knows (and expects) while using the application that the close button of the dialog is always in the upper right corner. However, if he switches to Mac OS X, he will have to get used to it from scratch. Signs that an application is behaving unstable or not behaving as expected surprise confused users and, for example, the use of different terms for the same function.
  • Design and layout: understandable at first glance. This principle covers all aspects of the visual design of an application. Accordingly, the type of grouping and arrangement of graphical interface elements, as well as the conscious use of color, should support the user in recognizing connections. Information and components are usually presented to the user in such a way that he can easily perceive and read text content. Contraindications for this: fuzzy labeling of data fields, tiny fonts, and poor color contrast between foreground and background.
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Wrapping Up

These trends provide insight into how the development industry is evolving. All of these trends drive companies and developers to constantly evolve.

Software development is actively involved all over the world. Every developer needs to remember that change is necessary and inevitable. Every software consulting company should focus on developing with the trends described above. Find your best software product design services!

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