Web Design Hong Kong — Trends for 2020

Web Design Hong Kong — Trends for 2020
February 3, 2020 5 Comments Business, Education, Jobs & Education, Other, Programming, Social Media, Technology Priya Saha

Web Design Hong Kong: Are you finding it difficult to drive traffic or generate leads? Well, if your answer is yes, it’s time to give your website a boost. You cannot undermine the potential of your website when it comes to expanding your business while maximizing profit. And, while you’re at it, you may also want to take a look at some of the best web design Hong Kong trends that are taking the industry by a storm this year. Above anything, they are redefining beauty by including accessibility, functionality, and of course, psychological safety. So if you are looking for a handy guide to the best web design Hong Kong trends, read on.

In a highly cluttered digital environment that’s awash with information, it’s no surprise that web designing will essentially be about the clarity of use, intuitiveness while being rich with visuals, and content. The time to contemplate on effective web design Hong Kong trends is over.

Since web design Hong Kong trends come and go, today you’d definitely want to stay ahead of the curve by designing web pages that are truly dynamic. It may sound tricky but don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article, we have summarized the top 5 web design Hong Kong trends for the year 2020.

Dark Mode

One of the most effective web design Hong Kong trends and as a low-light user interface, this mode gives users the option to enable dark themes. Such backgrounds naturally make design elements stand out, are easy on the eyes, and create a higher contrast ratio with the use of other colors. You may have noticed how the dark mode design aesthetic is everywhere right now and it happens to be far better for OLED screens.

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But, don’t be mistaken. This is very different from ‘monochromatic’ (which is honestly so 2019). Perceive this as monochromatic gone minimalist, with more and more sites experimenting with dark backgrounds that are modern, clean, and crisp. And, the best part? They fit in perfectly with other design trends like glowing neons, futuristic, cyberpunk, and dystopian web design Hong Kong styles. 

Larger than life font sizes

One possibly cannot get enough of typography based web design Hong Kong trends. Honestly, can you overlook the ever-increasing font sizes on the internet? This is a trend strutting its way into 2020 — massive font sizes that can be easily read from across the room. Now, designers are incorporating maxi typography to make a stronger statement.

In fact, to communicate instantaneously, websites are favoring large elements including oversized website menu icons and fullscreen images/videos, but not everything at once since too many grand features will only serve to be counterproductive and overwhelming. This web design hong kong trend ensures that the most important, relevant messages are not just conveyed but properly registered.

Cyberpunk color schemes and fluorescent artwork

The value of design is on the rise and brands are now going wackier than ever with colors to stand out. Hence, 2020 web design Hong Kong trends will feature futuristic themes that are often expressed with bright and oversaturated hues. Not surprised, right? Color schemes are more vibrant and luminous, building off of Japanese urbanism.

Further, fluorescent 3D digital artwork offers otherworldly interpretations of familiar materials and is emerging to be a major web design Hong Kong trend. However, until VR becomes more cost-effective and mainstream, hyper-realistic 3D shall be a highly preferred method of creating an immersive experience. And, when combined with eye-catching neons the result is stellar, highly inviting futuristic designs, as opposed to a layout that is minimal and clean.

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Whitespace or negative space denotes the blank areas in between design elements. Full bleed layouts have now become obsolete as designers are gravitating towards whitespace which gives their designs more structure and stability by making use of clean framing. Often considered an inefficient waste of space, it is, in fact, refreshing. Because, in essence, it carries no semantic meaning, and can not only enhance legibility but highlight other elements like call to actions. But anyway, ‘Whitespace’ doesn’t essentially mean ‘white’ space. It can be made of any other color and culminates in a web design Hong Kong trend that is pristine but far from minimalistic.

Combining photography with illustrations

Visuals — anything from icons, photographs to illustrations — are no longer just placeholders that merely add color to your page. Remember, web design Hong Kong is intentional in its use of imagery and brand identity principally thrives on visuals. So, it’s no surprise that the strategic placement of illustration will make a big difference.

To form a coherent visual language, web designing Hong Kong is combining photography with illustrations that communicate a highly customized message. Original graphics overlapping with photographs, creating a collage-like trend, is a highly versatile way to customize your imagery while adding more personality to your webpage.

Final Thoughts

In 2020, we are seeing designers ceaselessly experiment with extremes and new techniques, reinvent and redefine previous styles and web design Hong Kong trends being a mixture of the high-tech side of rapidly evolving technology and the visual side of graphic design. Web designers are getting innovative while keeping sites functional and clutter-free. These efforts have taken web design Hong Kong to a different level.

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While the web design Hong Kong trends are impressive it’s vital to evaluate them and implement solutions that only aim to create a better user experience. We can only hope that this multitude of opposing web design Hong Kong trends and movements will usher in a decade full of surprises. After all, we’re eagerly waiting to see how the year pans out. Aren’t we? But, simply waiting is not enough.

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Lastly, to surf the tide of emerging trends, and to stay ‘on top of your game’, get in touch.

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