What Is The Future of Augmented Reality in the EdTech Industry?

What Is The Future of Augmented Reality in the EdTech Industry?
February 1, 2022 1 Comment Business, Education, Entrepreneurship, Startup, Technology Nitin Garg

The process of learning is changing day by day just because of technology. From ancient times, we went to schools or colleges to get knowledge. In the early 21st-century digital learning was introduced by the tech specialist but after 20 years in the 21st century, one major learning experience has been implemented which is digital learning. Of course, in the early 21st century this was a dream but a few tech specialists create online learning applications and platforms that completely transform education. 

These e-learning app/web platforms reduce the impact of COVID19 on education. While the whole world is facing issues and struggling. Educationists are teaching their students over the internet, this becomes popular in the pandemic time. But along with these applications, inventors find more options to get a better learning experience that is Augmented Reality based learning. In which various features of Augmented Reality are used for education purposes. Here in this blog, we are going to know more about the future of Augmented Reality in the Edtech Industry. 

Future of Augmented Reality in the EdTech Industry

Yes, AR is the Future of the Edtech Industry. Already AR is changing the entire education segment in different ways like AR Classrooms, AR applications for kids, AR Distance education, AR Research Labs, AR Based Operational theaters for medical studies, etc.

Now the technology experts are planning to take the Future of Augmented Reality in the Edtech industry to the next level.

Augmented Reality in Education

The education is always deepened on texts but now this is all about graphics, sounds, and multimedia features. The representation of education in the virtual world with 25% digital reality and 75% existing reality marks it better.

Augmented Reality Edtech is an improved version of learning, where the objects are clearly well defined. With the help of Augmented Reality in education, students are capable of understanding the content with proper information, which improves the understanding of the students towards concepts, increases problem-solving skills, provides cognitive skills, and increases self-confidence of the students. 

For a better understanding purpose, we will take an example-  let us assume that history is taught in the classroom with the help of Augmented Reality & lesson is about World War conditions, it will be really helpful for the students to understand the situation of the world war. It will be great if they learn visually in the classroom. They can easily define everything in the examination because they had visual knowledge about World War. 

Augmented Reality Benefits in Education 

Since we are already discussing the things related to Augmented Reality in education, you can assume various Augmented Reality Benefits in Education, we will elaborate on augmented reality benefits in education. 

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Accessible Learning Material Available for AR Education:

Accessible learning material for AR education is one of the most important benefits of AR Education. With the help of Augmented Reality in education papers, textbooks, print mediums of learning, posters, physical boards are easily replaced. You just need portable devices for educational purposes. This makes it easily accessible. 

The Requirement for Equipment is Less in AR Education

Educators are always worried about the requirement for equipment, but the requirements for equipment are less in AR Education. If you are planning to start education with the help of AR you do not need equipment like VR, you just need a mobile phone with good quality internet.  

Increase Student & Trainer Interaction With AR Education

Augmented reality is increasing student & teachers interaction because it will create thousands of examples according to the field. Augmented reality in AR increases interest in students. It keeps students and trainers along with each other. 

Cost-Effective AR Edtech Industry

Augmented reality in education is the cheapest technology in education. You do not need to invest too much. You just need a mobile phone to use this technology. AR technology is cheaper than regular textbook expenses. 

Practical Learning is Easy with AR Education 

Practical learning is more important in education than theoretical learning. AR can provide the core functionality and visuality of every aspect. Not only in school or college education but also training and development is also a practical way to learn with AR Technology. 

Challenges of Augmented Reality in Education 

Like the benefits, Augmented reality had some challenges along with it. These challenges are barriers to the huge uses of Augmented Reality. Here, we are sharing the major challenges of Augmented Reality in Education.

Necessary Training for the Trainers in AR Technologies 

Necessary training for the trainers in AR technologies is most important. Training is one of the major challenges. Here, in this case, traditional trainers and faculties who are not aware of these technologies or those who are not related to technology face difficulties to use and deliver quality education with the help of Augmented Reality Equipment. That’s why some educational institutions are not planning to implement these technologies. Only those institutions who are well equipped and capable to understand the technological uses are ready to use. 

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Hardware is Needed in AR Education 

AR-based education is not possible without the equipment implementation in the Classrooms. Also, all the students and learners need Mobile phones with AR application capabilities. This hardware is needed in AR Education & this is the major challenge. 

Content Portability Issues in AR Education

The AR app you build needs to work equally well on all platforms and devices. However, it is practically impossible to provide the same quality of AR content on any device, This is the content portability issue in AR education.

Examples and Use Cases of AR In Education 

For the last 5 years at various places and in many ways. Here are some of the examples which already been implemented in the education sector 

  • AR Applications For Kids

Kids like AR experience in mobile phones, for the better understanding purpose AR-based applications are developed. These applications changed the way of learning, reading, writing, and laboratory experience. 

For example- Narrator AR is an AR Application for kids that teaches about writing in an interactive way. 

  • AR Classrooms for Education

Most probably this is one of the most used things in education that uses AR classrooms for education. It helps the teachers to explain with visuals in the classroom. The visual representation helps students to understand in a better way. 

AR Classrooms are widely used in medical education. Where it is used for the operational purpose, understanding body parts of beings, etc. 

There are various applications available in AR for the education of Physics, chemistry, biology, geometry, and also programming language. 

  • Distance Education with AR

Like every possible way we are using AR in education, the way is Distance Learning. Students can learn outside the classrooms.  With the help of the internet and devices, it is easy to start distance learning with the help of AR Tools.

For example- Mondly is a language learning application that implements AR. 

  • Marketing Activities with AR in Education

Marketing Activities with AR in education are popular in the entire world nowadays. AR is widely used in countries like the USA, UK for marketing purposes. These universities are offering virtual campus tours for students. This activity increases their branding and increases the student ratio. 

  • With AR Education Explore Museum  

AR Technology increases interaction with museums, most of the time we use guides for a better understanding purpose or we read the information written over objects but AR technology replaces both hence this is proved that with AR education exploring museums is one of the best experiences forever. 

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Other Educational Uses 

  1. AR education for professional training.
  2. AR education is used in Military training.
  3. AR is used to educate about Space. 
  4. To train manufacturing workers and establish new products. 
  5. Used for healthcare education in various Research centers. 

Myths About AR Education Technology 

Those people who are not aware of everything about AR technology had assumptions in their minds.  These assumptions are not true. Here we crack these assumptions and Myths. 

  • AR Education is Futuristic Technology 

This is not true that AR is too futuristic, but this was founded 25 years ago by Thomas Caudell. Various AR Development companies have developed various platforms for education purposes already and are using them widely in the education segment. 

  • AR  Education is Highly Expensive 

This is again a myth that is needed to clear our minds. AR is not as expensive as people think. According to the quality of the development, its cost changes. AR development is a one-time investment and ROI is really high, hence proving that “Education is highly expensive”, is false. 

  • AR Education is Difficult to Use

AR Education is difficult to use ?, No this is not true, AR does not require a lot of technical knowledge. You just need to understand the process of use. A person who is not aware of technology can easily handle it. 

Pros and Cons Of AR in Education 

If technology comes into the market it brings Pros and Cons along with It. Here we are going to share the Pros and Cons of AR in education. 

Pros of AR in Education 

  1. Create high interest in the students.
  2. Experiential learning and practice among the students.
  3. Remove notes books, so it will impact nature also.
  4. Easy to handle.
  5. Helpful to all types of institutions. 
  6. ROI is high if you invest in AR education.

Cons of AR In Education

  1. It was introduced various years ago but still, people have myths regarding AR technology. 
  2. It needed electricity for its uses in the classrooms.
  3. To afford devices is not possible for each and everyone, especially for the kids. 


Now, we are ready to use AR technology in the education segment. The future of Augmented Reality in the Edtech industry is bright forever not only from the business perspective but also for the students or learners. In upcoming years everywhere AR-based education will be started. We hope you like our shared information, stay tuned with us for the upcoming blogs on AR technology. 

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