Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo to Avoid Getting an Infection

Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo to Avoid Getting an Infection
February 26, 2021 1 Comment Beauty, Fashion, Hobbies & Leisure, Life Ritika Ghost Content Writer

If you are a self-confessed tattoo addict and enthusiast like Lil Peep Tattoos, then we are sure that for you, there is nothing more exciting than getting a new tattoo. Whether you are a first-timer or you are adding a new tattoo to your collection, you must always remember that getting a tattoo is a huge responsibility.

Today, we will discuss some precautions that you have to follow before finally seeing your tattoo ideas come to life.

Find a Reputable Tattoo Artist

This should be the first thing on your “to-do list” before getting a tattoo, as you would want to make sure that your tattoo will turn out the way it is supposed to be. Many tattoo artists claim that they are professionals when in fact, they do not even have proper training and certifications.

When talking to an artist, make sure to ask them about where they got their training and who coached them to get to where they are today. Most tattoo artists have mentors who has guided them when they were just starting out. You also want to make sure that they are part of a group or guild of tattoo artists. This way, you can ask their group members for help if ever a problem, arises.

Avoid Getting Sunburnt

We all know how painful a sunburn can be, so make sure to stay out of the sun for a couple of days before getting your tattoo.

Tattooing over sunburnt skin should never be an option, as this can be super painful and intolerable for you. If you ever need to stay under the sun, make sure to use a powerful sunblock that has a high SPF.

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If you ever got sunburnt days before your appointment, then call your tattoo artist and ask for a reschedule.

Get an Approval from your Doctor

Some people with illnesses such as diabetes are usually restricted from getting a tattoo, as this means that their wounds won’t heal right away. It is difficult to risk getting a tattoo if you have a certain condition, so make sure to visit your doctor and ask for their approval before getting a tattoo.

Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A Tattoo

They will probably put you through different exams such as a blood exam, an xray, an ultrasound, and whatnot. Make sure to prepare some money for this, as getting tested can also cost you a couple of bucks.

No professional tattoo artist will take you in unless you have a waiver from your doctor, so make sure to do this before scheduling an appointment with your chosen tattoo artist.

Reschedule if you are Feeling Ill

Do not force yourself to go and get the tattoo even if you are feeling under the weather. When you are sick, your body’s immune system goes down and you are prone to getting an infection.

Getting a tattoo means agreeing to a tattoo artist poking needles on your skin, and you definitely have to be healthy enough for this. Make sure to reschedule if you have colds and cough or a fever on the day of your appointment.

Most professional artists won’t take you in when you are sick, as they can get sued or blamed for this if ever something bad happens to you. Drink lots of water, take your medicines, rest, eat lots of fruits and vegetables to get better in no time!

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Buy your Supplies

Go and get your supplies even before having the tattoo done, as you will probably be too tired to do so after getting the tattoo.

Do your research and ask your tattoo artist about the aftercare supplies that you should buy to clean your tattoo. You definitely want your tattoo to heal properly, so make sure to listen to your tattoo artist about the aftercare instructions and follow each one to avoid getting an infection.

Most tattoo artists will advise you to buy an antibacterial and fragrance-free soap to clean your tattoo. Make sure to do so at least two to three times per day to make sure that the open wound stays clean. You should always use lukewarm water to rinse it off to make sure that the tattoo stays infection-free.

Your tattoo artist will also ask you to buy a certain antibacterial ointment, lotion, or cream to apply to your tattoo. Ask them when and how you should apply it to get the most out of it.

Good luck with getting your new tattoo, and make sure to stay hydrated and full before going to the shop! Also, avoid drinking alcohol or taking drugs before getting the tattoo to make sure that you would not bleed out and get an infection.

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