How to Build a Fantasy Sports Mobile App Like Dream11?

How to Build a Fantasy Sports Mobile App Like Dream11?
October 17, 2020 8 Comments Business, Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Gaming, Information Technology, International, Programming, Sports Priya Saha

So, you have decided to launch your own fantasy sports mobile app. Well, it’s a great opportunity to make inroads in the fantasy sports market today by building a popular app like Dream11. Building a fantasy app like Dream11 can really help you in brand promotion by reaching a wider pool of customers. However, starting a fantasy sports betting app development project is not an easy task. 

To help you out, the article will provide you with a detailed overview of fantasy sports app development – right from market trends, tips & tricks, features to the overall budget required to build a fantasy gaming app. 

So, let’s dig deep and discuss everything in detail: 

What is Fantasy Sports?

Well, not everyone is exactly aware of what fantasy sports games are. Put it simply- Fantasy sports is a game that allows online users to create their own teams to play and compete with other players in a virtual league. These teams are created on the basis of real-players from the professional teams, who are participating in different real-world leagues like IPL, CPL, NBA, etc. across the globe. The win or loss of these real-world teams (or statistical performance) decides the fate of fantasy players, participating in online games.

How is it Different from Sports Betting?

Fantasy Sports App: Global Market & Trends

In the recent past, fantasy sports gaming has become immensely popular among global sports enthusiasts. The global fantasy sports market is expected to be worth USD 9.34 billion by 2024. Use of fantasy sports applications for brand promotion is the most common among global businesses today. This business is ready to break all the records in the upcoming years by drawing a large number of sports fans by testing their knowledge and prediction abilities in a myriad of sports, including cricket, football, and so on. 

People from all over the world today are taking parts in different online sports leagues, conducted over varied fantasy sports applications. Users play, predict and earn on the right prediction. More than 59 million users have played fantasy sports games until 2017 in the US and Canada alone, which shows the growing popularity of fantasy sports. 

Fantasy Sports App Market & Trends: USA

If we talk about the US specifically, fantasy sports first came into existence in this region in 1952. Till then, its popularity has gone so high that today there are around 59 million users of fantasy sport mobile apps in the US (which is approx 21% of the entire US population). That’s not all, the fantasy sports industry in the US is worth 18 billion USD with 200+ operators. Almost half of the US sports fans play fantasy sports today. 

  • 18 Billion USD is the size of the US fantasy sports industry 
  • 59.3 Million is a number of fantasy sports app users in the US & Canada. 
  • 65% of sports fans in the US play fantasy sports via mobile app. 

Fantasy Sports App Market & Trends: India 

In India, the craze and popularity of fantasy sports mobile apps is growing tenfold, every passing year. As per stats, 89% of the Indian online sports players like to play a fantasy sport at least once, every month. The rise of local sports leagues like Indian Premier League (IPL), Indian Super League (ISL), etc. has also contributed to the record-breaking growth of fantasy sports apps in India. See the surprising stats below: 

  • 67% of the total cricket fans (18 crores approx) in India play fantasy sports via mobile. 
  • 1.8 crores are the total number of users of fantasy sports app Dream 11. 
  • 10% growth rate in the number of users of fantasy sports app in India (from 2016 to 2018)
  • 89%   of Indian sports enthusiasts like to play fantasy sports at least once a month.
  • 42 minutes is the average time of Indian users for playing on fantasy sports applications. 
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What is Dream11? 

Dream11 is one of the fastest-growing fantasy sports applications in the world with a huge customer base of 20 million+ users. This app has managed to outperform all its rivals in the sports genre of mobile applications – all thanks to the unmatched appreciation that it received from global sports loves & enthusiasts. This fantasy mobile app offers a chance to select real players to users in their dream team and then play against other players to win real money and exciting cash prizes. The app started with Cricket, being the only fantasy game, but now it expanded its portfolio with other sports like Basketball, Hockey, Football, etc. 

So, you must be wondering why invest your hard-earned money in building an on-demand app like Dream11? Well, from a business viewpoint, you can get a lot of revenue through online contests, advertisements and entry fees organized on a fantasy sports app. Besides this, a fantasy sports app is also a great start-up idea; you can improve your brand visibility and popularity by making partnerships with popular sports brands, contest sponsors, and advertisers. 

How to Set Up A Business Model Dream11?

The business model of Dream11 is adopted by a lot of startups today as an opportunity to boost their revenues through brand partnership, advertisement and entry fees received from users of a fantasy gaming app.

By partnering with a reliable iOS or Android app development company, you can create a custom fantasy sports app or website for your business. The mobile app development experts here will deliver you a unique and innovative application to grow your fantasy sports business. Choose the right app development partner based on its experience, technical expertise, knowledge, past projects and so on. 

Features & Functionalities in a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

As an app developer, here is a list of essential features that you will need to include in your Dream11 clone app

User Side Features (Front End)

User Registration 

  • Registration: Users can register on fantasy sports app through a friend referral/social platform login or by entering personal details like email ID, personal number, a unique username, etc. 
  • Login: After registration, the user can log in into this fantasy sports account, using the same details entered during registration. 
  • Referral: Users can also refer other users to join the fantasy sports app

Landing Page/ Main Screen –

  • Search: Users can search across several sports games that are being played. Even, the upcoming matches will also be displayed on the landing page for sports like Cricket, football, etc. 
  • Filter: Users can apply a filter to search according to their preferences. They must be able to 
  • List: Users can select a match from the list received after applying the filter. Users can see details like match timing, match teams, venue, etc. 

Tournament / Contest Page 

  • Filter: Users can search or filter tournaments by entry fee range, winning range, contest type,  winning amount, winners count, and contest size, etc.
  • Join Contest: Users can join a particular contest by paying the entry fees for the same. 
  • Create a Fantasy Team: Once users enter a contest, they can create a fantasy or dream team. 
  • Create Tournaments: Users can also organize private tournaments in their Dream11 clone app. 
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Profile Settings

  • Edit Profile: The users can edit their personal details (e.g. username, phone, etc.) entered in their profile from this feature. 
  • Check Reward Points: Users can see details like reward points gained, account balance,  bonus, etc. 
  • Add Cash: Users can add cash via NEFT, UPI or internet banking facility into their account wallet for paying the match fees. 
  • See Transactions: Users can see a detailed transaction history of all earnings and matches they played in the fantasy app. 

Admin Side Features (Backend Panel)

Admin login: Admin can simply login into their account using Username & Password.

Interactive Dashboard: This dashboard feature provides a complete 360-degree view of all matches played under different categories (upcoming, ongoing, and played matches) to admin. details like total contestants, total revenue, best player, etc. are also available. 

User Management: Admin can fully control to edit, delete, update, active or deactivate user accounts. 

Tournament Management: Admin can control and manage entire matches of Fantasy Sports app with capabilities like edit, manage, update, delete, etc. 

Match Management: Admin has full control over each match with permissions like edit, delete, update, etc. 

Category Management: Admin can manage each games category (e.g. live, upcoming, played, etc.) separately.  

Revenue Management: Admin can easily review the total earning of every match played on the fantasy sports app. 

Manage Payment Mode: Admin can control and manage various payment Modes. 

Rewards Management: Admin has the sole right to distribute reward points to users based on their match performance.

Manage Cash prizes: This feature helps in managing the Bonus and Cash Prizes offered to the users.

CMS Management: Admin also manage other details like help, contact us, about us, etc. of the fantasy sports app. 

Additional Features and Functionalities:

Live Score: Users can see the live score, highlights and game analysis for a particular match by the integration of live match API into the app. 

API Integration: Developers can seamlessly integrate with other platforms via a fantasy sports gaming mobile app API.

Push Notification: Regular alerts and updates about upcoming matches can be provided to users via push notifications. 

Data Analytics: The analytics feature in fantasy app can help users make quick decisions by offering real-time insights into an ongoing match. 

GPS Location Tracker: Alerts can be sent via the app for ongoing or upcoming matches & leagues near user locations. 

Email Reminders: Users can be sent an email on their account IDs to inform them about the upcoming leagues and matches. 

Technology Slack – Dream11 

Here are different technologies that are used for managing front-end, back-end and database functionalities of fantasy sports app – Dream 11: 

What Team Structure is Needed for Fantasy App Development? 

You will need a reliable fantasy sports app development company to develop superior quality mobile applications, Hiring such an app development partner, you can take advantage of the technical expertise of its skilled pool of app developers, designers, testers and so on. 

Below is the common team structure for fantasy sports app development: 

  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Backend Developers 
  • QA Experts 

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App Like Dream11? 

The cost to build a fantasy sport betting app for both Android and iOS platforms (with backend integration) varies between 19000 to 24000 USD. Whereas the cost to build a fantasy app with basic user panel features costs around 8000 USD for both iOS & Android platform. Similarly, the admiral panel development costs around 9000 USD. 

  • The US-based developer charges somewhere between 100 to 250 USD per hour.
  • Europe based developers can also be hired for 70 to 200 USD per hour.
  • Asian developers are the least expensive as they charge between 60 to 180 USD. 
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Factor Affecting the Cost of A Fantasy Sports App 

Developer Location: The location of your mobile app developers have a significant impact on the overall cost of your fantasy sports app. It is observed that the developer’s charges vary region-by-region globally. US developers cost quite high when compared to app developers in Asia. Hence, keep the location aspect in mind when you hire an Android or hire iOS app developer.

Team Experience: The more experienced the members in your mobile app development team, the more it affects the final cost of your fantasy app. 

App Complexity: If you request more complex features and functionalities in your sports app, the app developers will charge a high fee to you for delivering a brilliant app experience to users. 

Platform Support: Depending upon the platform (Android/iOS) you choose for launching your app, the cost will vary. Generally, the iOS platform requires a higher level of coding; hence, the cost to build an Android app will be less compared to the iOS app. 

Wrapping Up…!

Hope you enjoyed all the details that are necessary to build a custom fantasy sports app for your business. Remember, fantasy sports is the “Game of the Future” and is expected to grow rapidly in the upcoming years as more and more countries are legalizing it. Building a fantasy cricket app like Dream 11 is not an easy task. You need to partner with a reliable and trustworthy fantasy sports mobile app development company like A3logics

Hire our experienced sports app developers at A3logics to get an amazing fantasy sports application. Contact us directly to know more about our sports app development services

FAQ (Dream11)

Is there any other app like Dream11? 

Yes, there are many other popular fantasy gaming apps present in the market. But, sadly they don’t offer amazing gaming or user experience like Dream11. Examples include My11Circle, MyTeam11, HalaPlay, Fantasy Power11, FanFight, FanMojo, FanBash, Fantain, KhelChamps, etc. Remember, you can’t download these apps directly from the Play store. You need to download their APK file via the website. 

How Can I Start an App Like Dream11?

To build an app like Dream11, you will need to hire an experienced mobile app developer, designer, QA analysts, project manager and so on. It is highly recommended to partner with a leading mobile app development company like A3logics to get a Dream11 clone app faster.

Can I Create my own Contest in Dream11? 

In order to create your own contest in Dream11, follow these simple steps: 

Select the match that you want to participate in  ?  Click  ‘Create Contest’ button ? Create the contest of your choice ? Invite friends ? Friends will join through your invitation link.

How does Dream11 make money? 

Dream11 makes money through its online contest entry fee, advertisements, brand partnerships, etc. Note that Dream11 deduct 20% from the total contest/match amount and distribute the remaining 80% among the winners of the league.

Why is Dream 11 not on the Playstore? 

It is simply because Google Play Store doesn’t allow ‘pay and play’ apps like Dream11 on its platform. 

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